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Dominic Forletta

Born and raised in New York, Dominic moved to Los Angeles at 18 to launch his career as a Colorist and work with Celebrity Hair Artist Johnny Ramirez. As a result, he spent years on the road, traveling to major cities with top hair colorists and perfecting the art of beachy blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Later, his career later took him back home to New York City, where he trained under the mentorship of the one and only Marie Robinson. Having learned from the best of the best, he took his expertise across the Atlantic to Europe to create seamless, effortless-looking hair color for Berlin’s underground club scene.

Between Los Angeles, New York City and Berlin, Dominic has been able to take trends from all three cities and translate them onto each and every client in his own unique way. Doing so, he grabbed the attention of major celebrities including but not limited to Ashley Tisdale and the Olsen Twins.


Dominic's Work

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